Prenatal Visits

Prenatal visits are scheduled every four weeks in the first and second trimester. From 28 weeks on it is every other week; and from 35 weeks on it is once a week. At each visit, maternal health is evaluated including nutritional status, weight gain, risks of urinary tract infection, diabetes, and hypertension. Fetal growth and wellbeing is also followed and prenatal testing and ultrasound are performed as indicated. Typical events to expect during a normal pregnancy course here at the Sugarland Women's Health Center include:

First visit

  • Complete history and evaluation of medical, genetic, and perinatal risks
  • Complete physical exam including Pap and GC/CHL cultures
  • Ultrasound for accurate dating of pregnancy

Second visit

  • Prenatal labs including Blood type and RH, Antibody screen, Complete blood count, H.I.V., hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, RPR, Rubella
  • Screening for genetic conditions such as sickle cell and cystic fibrosis will also be drawn if indicated and desired.

10 - 12 weeks

    First trimestser screening with ultrasound measurement of nuchal fold and maternal blood test

12 weeks to term

  • Fetal heart tone are detected at each visit

16 - 19 weeks

  • Triscreen for Down syndrome, trisomy 13, trisome 18, neurotube defects, and abdominal wall defects if desired

18 weeks

  • Amniocentesis if indicated and desired

20 weeks

  • Ultrasound for fetal anatomy. Fetal gender can be determined at this time

20 weeks to delivery

  • Abdominal exam are performed for fetal growth and presentation

28 weeks

  • Blood test for diabetes, anemia
  • Rhogam injection if indicated
  • Follow up ultrasound for fetal growth and amniotic fluid volume if indicated

28 weeks to delivery

  • Nonstress test or biophysical profile is performed if indicated to evaluate fetal wellbeing in high risk pregnancy

36 weeks

  • Group B strep culture

37 weeks to delivery

  • Cervical exam as indicated
  • Membrane stripping can also be performed to facilitate onset of labor
  • Ultrasound is repeated if fetal growth restriction or excessive weight gain is suspected


Prenatal visits